Barista's Latte Art Guide #infographic

Barista's Latte Art Guide #infographic
There has never been a greater moment in all history to appreciate the art of arranging the creamy espresso with careful frothed milk. Since its beginnings some 30 years ago Latte art has exploded around the world. Coffee was never the same before.

The way milk-based masterpieces are produced relies entirely on microfoam milk transfiguration. High-temperature heating of the milk rapidly makes it a lighter, fluffier substance that can be easily sculpted into invaluable works of art. The chemical structure of milk, breaking down sugars and creating a sweeter beverage, is also changed.

Latte art is not a coffee novelty; it is a tough sport with a world championship of its own. The World Latte Art Championship was held in South Korea last year, with competitors from 36 countries coming. Finally, Um Paul was victorious in the host nation, but not without strict competition.

Express Vending delights in all things coffee, and for great reason coffee is great. The mixture of coffee and art is nothing short of pompous. Latte art has a distinctive place in our hearts. We researched the universe of late art to provide you with sufficient inspiration to roll the ball.

Barista's Latte Art Guide #infographic

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