20 Big Macs all over the world #infographic

20 Big Macs all over the world #infographic
The Bic Mac is probably the first thing that you think of, after these golden arches, if anyone tells you about McDonalds.

In 1967, the Big Mac was launched in the USA and was made a main menu in the whole nation within a year by McDonald's franchisee based in Pennsylvania. The big mac is now available in more than 100 countries as well as the popularity grows and as McDonalds has made its presence known around the world.

The Big Mac is usually a simple, fuss-free burger consisting of two patties of bovine beef, "unique" sauce, cheese, salad, pickles and oignons, and three-part sono seedbun. This simplicity means that it is easy to translate, although it is a misconception that all Big Macs are identical everywhere you are.

The composition of a Big Mac has several variables; from which the meat is derived up to the religion of the land in which it is sold.

This led to the decision to bring together a number of Big Macs from 20 different countries to see how the original version of the United States is stacked. A number of factors such as protein content, calory count and the amount of fat and salt that is included were taken into account in our determination of the Big Mac's nutritional value. The cost is affected by the various parts, too, so you can see how big the cost can be! We also included that!

20 Big Macs all over the world #infographic

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