High-cost credit market analysis 2018 #infographic

High-cost credit market analysis 2018  #infographic
Home loans, or doorstep loans, usually operated under a female-to-female loan model. Not only are women more likely to use home loans, they are also more likely to work as industry credit officials. However, this type of loan generally has much higher interest rates than kinds of mainstream loans, and may also be deemed exploitative.

This document examines whether the domestic credit policy and regulatory framework takes into account the female-oriented nature of the industry and thus protects the rights and interests of women, the primary consumers of this type of loan. The findings show a political divide with the urgent need to empower women as financial clients. In order to take gender into account and help achieve empowerment of women in financial markets, it is necessary to reorient policy measures, information gathering, and industry research.

High-cost credit market analysis 2018  #infographic

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