Evolution History of iTunes 18 Years #infographic

Evolution History of iTunes 18 Years #infographic
You'd know that iTunes was eventually dropped off by Apple if you had a chance to watch the WWDC 2019 event. Instead of only one application to manage your digital media content, Apple has divided iTunes into three separate parts: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. Now it's time to see what Apple has accomplished with the app over the 18-year history of your all-time-favourite iTunes app. This is shown in the infographic below.

iPhones aren't the first portable phone endorsed by iTunes–if you believe the iPhone was the first device to be used on iTunes alone, you're wrong because iTunes endorsed other phones from other producers. When Apple added mobile telephone connections assistance in iTunes, on June 28, 2005 (approximately 13 years ago), Motorola effectively supported the first two phones.

Apple has added support for the iPhone 3 G to the iTunes app after just 3 years, 10 July 2008. These are the two phones Motorola ROKR E1 & Motorola SLVR. So you have something for your iPhone buddies if you have a Motorola phone because their iPhone was not the first phones supported by the iTunes app.

Evolution History of iTunes 18 Years #infographic

infographic by: www.imobie.com

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