13 Scariest Landings in the World #infographic

13 Scariest Landings in the World  #infographic
Despite the fact that many people fear flying, air travel is statistically the safest mode of transportation. However, taking into account the worst airports in the world, this statistic becomes almost irrelevant. These dangerous airports often have very short runways, turbulent heavy wind weather, and geographically disconcerting landing strips. If you're traveling to any of the most appalling airports, keep your seat belt tight until the aircraft comes to a complete stop.

Imagine an airport where only eight highly skilled pilots around the globe can land there. Or how about an airport runway that crosses a four-lane highway that has to be shut down when an aircraft takes off or landes? Do you believe you'd be nervous if you looked out your aircraft window and saw a runway made entirely out of ice?

13 Scariest Landings in the World  #infographic

infographic by: www.traveldecorum.com

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