50 Ways of using less plastic #inforgaphic

50 Ways of using less plastic #inforgaphic
In just 30 years, more plastic will be available in the ocean than fish by weight. This plastic pollution is fuelled by the fact of a plastic trash truck being dumped into the ocean every single minute. What can we do to slow down or even totally stop this process as a society? The only answer is to drastically reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives.

 This infographic shares 50 easy modifications that can be made to substantially reduce the amount of plastic they use. Something as simple as saying to a restaurant that you don't need plastic cutlery when ordering delivery can assist to decrease plastic waste. By bringing your own cup to coffee shops providing a discount, save on plastic and cash.

Even if something packaged in plastic has to be purchased, choose the one that comes in transparent plastic that is more likely to be recycled. Start slowly and incorporate some of these into your daily life and work up there!

50 Ways of using less plastic #inforgaphic

infographic by: www.aaastateofplay.com

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