Marketing vs. Sales: Fight for the Throne #infographic

Marketing vs. Sales: Fight for the Throne #infographic
Let's face it: you don't need to watch the iconic HBO series Game of Thrones to see a competition like the Starks and Lannisters. There is a similar struggle for authority and recognition in the modern office every day— between sales and advertising.

Aligning your company's sales and marketing departments can be a daily job with different goals, motivations and tools. It can be hard to find any common ground to bring them together with each team staking their claim to separate business process areas. But when sales and marketing work together to build leads, nurture relationships, and close deals, a company can thrive. There is a lot at stake in this battle!

We've put together the fun and informative infographic below to help you define these two departments ' pain points, mindsets and peace opportunities.

Marketing vs. Sales: Fight for the Throne #infographic

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