Tech Founders Predict Startup Growth Next Wave #infographic

Tech Founders Predict Startup Growth Next Wave #infographic
Interestingly, more than 60% believe that the world is in a technology bubble, with consistently split reviews as to whether or not it is close to popping. While 57% of founders believe that the United States will continue to dominate the technological landscape, 39% believe that by 2028 Chinese development will be the worldwide centre for technological innovation.

Only time will say, with U.S.-China tensions still rising, and the global recruitment of technology talent is gradually becoming competitive. The PayPal Mafia is a legendary group of investor-contractors that have a broad effect on Tech since they were part of PayPal.

This group's members have not only introduced many important unicorns, including YouTube, SpaceX, LinkedIn and Palantir, but have also invested in more than 100 startups each. This "giving back," which in today's moment was planting the seeds of many star companies, had a enormous impact on the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Tech Founders Predict Startup Growth Next Wave #infographic


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