The future of technology in education #infographic

The future of technology in education #infographic
It is almost impossible to name a sector that has not been converted by technology. Education is no exception. Students and educators embrace the exciting educational possibilities offered to smartphones, iPads, and virtual reality by technology from Apple computers.

50.7 million students enrolled in government primary and secondary schools in the fall of 2017. 35,6 million registered pre-K through 8th grade and 15,1 million registered pre-Kthrough 12th grade. Google Education apps such as Gmail and Google Docs are used by over 30 million of these primary and secondary school learners.

 This data leaves little doubt as to why ed-tech is estimated to grow to a $93.76 billion industry globally by 2020, 58 percent of American K's devices–12 schools are Google products. Microsoft Windows accounts for 22 percent of systems used and 19 percent of systems used are MacOS and IOS tools. Using this device has led to fundamental modifications in content delivery. 75% of teachers believe that by 2026 digital teaching content will be phased out.

The future of technology in education #infographic

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