The Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide #infographic

The Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide #infographic
With cold brew coffee you can produce anything: protein shakes, flavored coffee, cocktails, and... boba? These weird, unique and delicious 15 different coffee drink recipes can help you chill out this summer. Relax, relax out by the pool, or enjoy a stay by stirring your coffee for a while with new flavours.

You can try popular favorites such as toasted coconut and vanilla caramel or truly experiment with New Orleans chicory-flavored, cold brew or bullet-proof coffee. Make a cocktail or sip a healthier version of your favorite beverage. You don't even need an espresso to play as a barista this summer!

 Cold brew is produced of cold water, roughly ground coffee, and time. The chemical variations lead in a smoother, nuttier mix because it is brewed with moment rather than heat and pressure. Try it and attempt the recipes! Your coffee game will be completely up.

The Cold Brew Coffee Ultimate Guide #infographic

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