8 Tips to Avoid Decision Fatigue #infographic

8 Tips to Avoid Decision Fatigue #infographic

Even with a good sleep night and a big cup of coffee, many of us are only beginning to lose energy halfway through our day. Running from conference to conference or reading over boring papers could take a lot out of you. When you struggle to stay focused or even awake throughout the day, you might be battling exhausted decision-making.

Simply put, fatigue of decisions is a lack of power and focus, having made too many choices. It may not seem so extreme, but there are 10,000 to 40,000 choices that we make every day. We are always debating which shoes to wear to prepare our list of groceries.

The decision-making method requires us to analyze fresh data, compare it with our previous experiences and weigh different pros and cons of the outcome. This can cause a cognitive drain that as well as self-control affects our willpower. Tired decision-making can cause careless mistakes or even bad choices to be made at work and in your private lives.

But while it is not entirely feasible to avoid making decisions, there are ways to prevent decision-making exhaustion from causing you to slip. With advice on how to make choices with some of the work, Mint created this guide. Simplify your daily life and make big choices quickly.

8 Tips to Avoid Decision Fatigue #infographic

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