Natural Ways to Fight Off Pests and Save Your Garden #infographic

Natural Ways to Fight Off Pests and Save Your Garden #infographic

Most gardeners are averse to chemicals. Such gardeners may be committed to growing pesticide-free, planting (and eating) edibles, or just like talking about naturally safe flower beds. Whatever the cause, you may take important steps to remove and preserve the pesticides from your garden.

Grow on a safe basis. Healthy crops enjoy healthy soil-soil, which is often altered or supplemented with compost if it is too sandy or clayey. To find out its structure, check your soil and add nutrients as needed. Each spring, dig into several inches of compost, cover your crops annually or seasonally with a good layer of organic mulch and remove any dead plants At the end of the growing season, materials.

Comply with your increasing climate with your crops. If you have crops that strive and strain through the growing season, they may not be a good fit for either the place they are in or the climate they are in. For instance, if planted in a shady, moist place, sun-loving phlox may be more prone to wilt or mold. After a especially hard, long, and cold winter, shrubs hardy only to USDA Zone 5 may struggle. Choose your crops thoroughly and place them on the label data of the plant where suggested.

Be varied. Some crops, like nitrogen, need more of a certain type of nutrient or mineral. If you plant the same thing in the same spot over and over, you will deplete your soil from the very thing that the plants need. You will also promote nuisance bugs to reside–believe about squash bugs that winter in the floor and feed on the same melon plot every year.

Your annual garden program should include a diverse crop with a range of flowers, vegetables and herbs. It also allows plants to rotate. Swap positions in a veggie garden, switch from year to year your tomatoes and peppers, and miss cucumbers if squash bugs live.

Natural Ways to Fight Off Pests and Save Your Garden #infographic

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