The Entrepreneur’s Journey #infographic

The Entrepreneur’s Journey #infographic

It may just be struck by an opportunity to see where the business puck is going, or a gaping hole in the markets you've got a solution for. More often than not, start-up ideas start the real start of the start-up trip from becoming disappointed about inefficiencies or lack of excellent service and alternatives in ancient markets. This friction produces extremely valuable pearls of the business.

Before you rush in at full speed, take a moment to believe and hone your concept and vision. It took several months for some of the most effective founders of billion-dollar businesses I know to think and get clarity about their concepts first. Do not get lost at this point. Speed on the entrepreneur's trip is important.

Nonetheless, you should ensure that you are heading in the right direction and that there is real potential for a big business to be created. Study, talk to prospective customers, find out what they will actually pay for, and start networking with investors, crowdfunding experts, and M&A specialists to help you move from zero to one. Layout of your pitch's deck. Even if you don't plan to raise money, it will help organize your ideas and be unbiased.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey #infographic

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