The Tech Skills Gap By the Numbers #infographic

The Tech Skills Gap By the Numbers #infographic

Since the foundation of PEAT in 2013, we have helped tens of companies to increase their knowledge of accessibility in their workplaces. Most of our network businesses are now subject to policies and programs on accessibility. We make digital connectivity an increasingly important component for their internal systems as well as their products and services, not a secondary component.

You're doing this because you've looked at the business case and you know it's helpful to do the start and the right thing. Nevertheless, PEAT found that many organisations, with the engineering skills they need, are unable to find jobs-57 percent say that their goods and services are therefore less available than they want.

In December 2017, PEAT convened over 60 leaders across the technical field to discuss how to improve affordable technology. The shortage of available engineering resources in the IT sector has been identified as a major problem.

The Tech Skills Gap By the Numbers #infographic

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