The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z #infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z #infographic

Generation Z advertising simply requires a change in your approach and strategy. The experienced marketer will do well to observe their activities and hang out places. Talking about them as much as possible is the secret to nailing Generation Z advertising. No generation as powerful as Gen Z has been.

Technology has given freedom to break free from traditional media outlets. This independence, in effect, gave them the luxury of what they eat if they eat it on their chosen platform. Traditional advertising thrived by collecting and using data from current trends to create the next effective campaign.

The approach is rapidly losing its influence because Gen Z is not in current trends— they are searching for the next trend to follow. Brands expecting the "next generation" are active with their Generation Z ads. It's all about delivering an experience they share with Gen Z. That's why most of the effective advertising campaigns in our period (and moving into the future) are more about enjoying the brand. This strategy goes against traditional marketing strategies which rely more on data campaigns.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z #infographic

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