What is Outbound Marketing? #infographic

What is Outbound Marketing? #infographic
Long ago, people received their news from this paper-based media called a "newspaper." A journal, full of news from day or week events, provided the masses with details about events within their neighborhood, country, or planet.  Newspapers had two sources of income that allowed them to continue to produce and distribute their publications: 1) subscriptions / sales and 2) advertisers.  Many news and advertisement stories are heavy.

For each copy, these documents cost more.  Other advertisements were strong news and magazines, well, they were cheaper to buy or sometimes available.  While in the past we're talking about newspapers here, they're still there.  But as more and more people are getting their news on the internet from their favorite sources, their readership is down.  Some of these online sources provide internet copies of the newspaper.

What is Outbound Marketing? #infographic

infographic by: landauconsulting.com

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