15 Funko Pops Worth A Fortune #infographic

15 Funko Pops Worth A Fortune #infographic

Funko Pops: Either as much as possible they are the trip to the mall, or their sole reason. These little collections of vinyl took the world by storm and made fans serious about pops representing their beloved character, and serious money is what we really mean by "serious means." When pops enter the store for about $10-15 the price only gets higher once they've sold out or their only line stops running. Then imagine our surprise if we discovered that some of these crazy little figures are going well into the hundreds, breaking the mark.

This may sound insane to you, but for the fans of these little kids, it is certainly something to be proud of. Every day you don't have to sit on a shelf, some of which can be found cheaply. It can't always be. When time goes on, the exclusivity of these pops as well as the patterns clearly shift.

The editions that made the list match the current trend and, well, what isn't really. Not all Funko pops are alike and unfortunately, some are far less common than others. Nonetheless, some of these have a pretty big price tag... If you're willing to split the rent in a month to add it to your shelf. We like to collect items the way we like the next person, but we have to ask — is it worth it?

15 Funko Pops Worth A Fortune #infographic

infographic by: www.hawkin.com

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