SciFi To Reality: When Fiction Becomes Reality #infographic

 SciFi To Reality: When Fiction Becomes Reality #infographic

We like to think that the dystopian stories of science fiction can never come true, but humans have a funny way to proceed because they can without considering whether they should. This is especially true when it comes to applications for facial recognition. This software has been used in science fiction to monitor people, even helping to predict when they can commit crimes. Nevertheless, this software is used in real life to track people and determine when they may need to interfere in the UK.

But not all of SciFi's instances are dystopian. New inventions can sometimes, indeed many times, help to ease our pressures and make our lives better and more accessible. Star Trek's Universal Translator is used to translate foreign languages automatically and effortlessly, allowing explorers to learn about new life and new civilizations, while today we also have on our phones translator apps that can do almost the same.

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 SciFi To Reality: When Fiction Becomes Reality #infographic

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