Benefits of All-in-one Sales & Marketing Software #infographic

Benefits of All-in-one Sales & Marketing Software #infographic

Sales and marketing coordination have been a common topic over the past several years. Much has been told and written about the devastating consequences of the misalignment of sales and marketing companies across the corporate globe. Nonetheless, according to surveys, 78 percent of B2B companies say that their relationships with sales and marketing have not been coordinated.

It inevitably results in an increased incidence of broken relationships, loss of track records and profits, inefficient processes and lower revenue. That, in effect, has led to huge losses for companies, directly and indirectly. Poor coordination of marketing and sales is calculated at 10 percent or more of the organizations ' annual income. This misalignment is costing companies over a trillion of us a year.

Sales and marketing coordination is important, and for multiple purposes the absence of this alignment can be very frustrating, nonsensical, yet fully comprehensible. One thing is for sure, if you run a business, you certainly want to expand. Therefore, avoiding the misalignment between revenue and ads is absolutely impossible.

The excellent news is that in today's data-driven job environment, overcoming such distinctions is a hoax. Improves efficiency and promote collaboration with strong company resources such as all-in - one marketing and sales technology. All that a company needs to do is implement this automation system, set policies and start taking care of issues in their sales / marketing departments on the same page.

Benefits of All-in-one Sales & Marketing Software #infographic

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