Most Expensive in-game Items Sold #infographic

Most Expensive in-game Items Sold #infographic

These are the 12 most expensive items sold in the game for cash in the real world. The rates do not match the current value of the items, but they represent the highest price the item has been sold for. The gaming industry is now one of the fastest growing entertainment industries, "commented Eldorado's eCommerce manager Algirdas Latvys.

"Prize pools for video game tournaments also exceed the prize pools in most traditional sports competitions. For example, DOTA 2's International 2019 tournament, an online battle arena multiplayer simulation game prize pool, has reached $34 million and surpassed the previous record of approximately $9 million for the same game competition in the previous year.

As interest in competitive gaming is increasing worldwide, so is the number of players in online games that are massively multiplayer. For some, MMORPG gaming has become a significant source of income or even an opportunity for employment in its own right as players can get valuable items in the game and sell them online.

Most Expensive in-game Items Sold #infographic

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