The Best Countries For Female Workers #infographic

The Best Countries For Female Workers #infographic

In the run-up to International Women's Day, PwC released its annual ranking of women's empowerment and workplace safety in 33 OECD countries. In the 2019 Women in Work Survey, a number of measures such as fair pay, women's ability to obtain employment and job security are taken.

Iceland has been named Best Developed Country for women workers with an index score of 79.1. The second was Sweden 76.1, while New Zealand 73.6 ended the top three. Scandinavian countries have taken five of the top ten positions, while English-speaking countries are the largest economies in the world. The United Kingdom ranked eleventh in the 13th position.

The U.S. has a significant difference, which has only scored 61.1, placing it 23rd. Luxembourg and Poland have increased the index most since 2000, with Portugal, the United States and Austria falling most during that time.

PwC said the growth of women's jobs would bring tremendous economic benefits in all OECD countries. Of example, the US will boost the economy by $1.8 trillion to equal employment levels of Sweden's women. If all OECD countries were to imitate Sweden, the cumulative GDP growth would be more than $6 trillion.

The Best Countries For Female Workers #infographic

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