The Most Miserable Countries in the World #infographic

The Most Miserable Countries in the World #infographic

Many people believe that happiness comes from within. However, in the economic world, happiness may be more related to quantitative variables such as unemployment, credit rates, levels of employment, and growth in GDP. The chart of this week uses Steve Hanke data from the Cato Institute and visualizes the 2019 rankings for the index of suffering in 95 countries that publish this information regularly.

Venezuela is named the "miserable" country in the world for the fourth year in a row. According to the United Nations, four million Venezuelans have left the country since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2014. Increasing hyperinflation in Venezuela has further sparked turmoil. Citizens are struggling to provide basic products like meat, toiletries and medicines.

Specifically, the Cafe Con Leche Index was developed to track rapidly changing inflation rates in Venezuela. Not only has Venezuela the highest mark on the Misery index, but with the deterioration of the crisis, its rate has risen dramatically over the past year.

The Most Miserable Countries in the World #infographic

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