Tips on Keeping your Wedding Ring in Good Condition #infographic

Tips on Keeping your Wedding Ring in Good Condition #infographic

Every wedding ring is magnificent on its own, regardless of its design, a number of stones, type of setting, or diamond shape and cut. Before the marriage, the pair exchanged more than just memories of memories and experiences; wedding rings often contain new stories and dedication to life together–regardless of how each chapter's end may look like.

The essence of wedding rings is just so strong that you'd always want to keep it in pristine condition–and possibly be able to pass it on in the future to your children or grandchildren. To just help you, we provide some simple tips in this infographic that can extend the brilliance and sparkle of your precious wedding rings.

You'll probably wear your Wedding Ring every day, so over time it will inevitably accumulate dirt and oil from your skin. You should give your ring a quick and gentle scrubbing once every two weeks to avoid that residue from building up in the crevices of your ring. As a cleaning agent and a comfortable toothbrush, you can use warm water and gentle dish washing fluid to agitate the buildup of dust. Through taking it to your jeweler once every six months, you can also opt for more thorough cleaning.

If there's any other person who can help keep your wedding rings pristine, that's your trusted jeweler. Your experience may help identify potential problems that may require immediate attention in your circle, such as loose fixtures, rusty hardware, broken prongs, and bent links. You can also ask for some DIY tips on cleaning your rings at home.

Although your wedding ring is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, it will be better to take them off in circumstances. Such a situation involves washing the dishes, which not only exposes your ring from grease, but if it slips your shaky finger, you may also accidentally drop it down the drain. Certain things you want to keep your wedding ring in a safe and secure location include runs, garden participation, and swimming.

Tips on Keeping your Wedding Ring in Good Condition #infographic

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