Triumph Bonneville History #infographic

 Triumph Bonneville History #infographic

My dad, a former Meriden Triumph employee, decided in 1978 that it was time for meager work and time at the age of 39 to become the all-knowing, omnipotent, smart arse that did bossing; he qualified as a teacher. That alone is not all that amazing, an incredible experience apart from one thing; he told my mom that he was only very good to move from the Midlands to Liverpool and back every week when he was on a bicycle.

It's just a manipulation of super stars, and it succeeded. It's been working. A short trip later to a local dealer with the CAC 726 T–a beautiful red and black candy export model Triumph Bonnevilles T140V / E (made in February 1978 with the T140V and E combination). I was seven years old. Forty years later, I still remember that time because of the Bonnie alone. (You can actually read about my first impression with Bonnie here).

Dad's been a badass. The Bonnie was all that was cool; the style, sound and smell were just a 7-year-old senses overweight, and until now I remember the ringing noises as the headers froze, and after touching it, I left a lot of flesh in my finger on one of the header pipes because I was fascinated by blueing.

 Triumph Bonneville History #infographic

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