Retail And The Adoption Of AI #infographic

 Retail And The Adoption Of AI #infographic

Retail is in danger, but if artificial intelligence has anything to say about it, perhaps not for long. At the moment, the use of AI is still small across the industry, but its growth has skyrocketed by 600 percent in just two years. While less than a third of retail operations currently use AI, those that in some pretty meaningful ways stand out from the crowd.

For almost a decade now, AI has been used to streamline the supply chain, but this is not the only place AI can make a big difference. AI can help with demand forecasting, talent management, and even the use of electricity in production. AI can help customers get a better shopping experience in stores and make recommendations. AI chatbots can help with customer service, often leaving customers happier than with an actual human being.

AI will help save consumers from the imminent retail catastrophe in numerous ways. Know more about retailing and using AI from the following infographic!

 Retail And The Adoption Of AI #infographic

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