Teens and Vaping: Seeing Through The Vapor #Infographic

 Teens and Vaping: Seeing Through The Vapor #Infographic

Over the past couple of years, the US e-cigarette industry has exploded. In fact, revenue from e-cigarettes is expected to exceed conventional sales of cigarettes by 2025.

Teens are the fastest growing group, with a rise of 800 million between 2011 and 2014 in adoption. In the US, there are now 2.6 M children aged in middle and high school using e-cigarettes.

What is this development causing?

Many experts pinned it down to e-cigarette companies ' increased ad spending. In 2014, some kind of advertisement was exposed to 7 in 10. Retail stores, blogs, and TV commercials are the most common areas of coverage.

E-cigarettes are also covered up by misunderstandings that further promote adoption. For instance, many people think that "e-cigarettes don't have nicotine." If, in truth, almost all e-cigarettes contain a substance of addictive liquid nicotine.

 Teens and Vaping: Seeing Through The Vapor #Infographic

infographic by: www.rawhide.org

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