The History & Future of Headphones #infographic

The History & Future of Headphones #infographic

Headphone concept was drafted in England in 1895 on the invention of the Electrophone. This was a subscription-only device used by the use of telephone lines to tune in to live in-home performances. The world saw the first pair of headphones, built by Nathaniel Baldwin, connected together by wires in 1910. Ironically enough, the U.S. Navy purchased the first 100 sets.

Throughout time, headphones have changed a lot from a luxury to a basic utility to a part of daily life.

Almost three decades later, the first dynamic headphones were invented with the purpose of in-home use: the Beyerdynamic DT-48. For 75 years, these remained in continuous production, ending in 2012. In the 1950s, HiFi technology was invented. This technology shifted the culture and purpose of headphones into what we see today. These days headphones are a way to create personal space, which you can read more about in the article below.

The History & Future of Headphones #infographic

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