UK Water Statistics & Facts #infographic

UK Water Statistics & Facts #infographic

UK faces a severe water shortage after 25 years. The chief executive of the Environment Agency said UK would no longer be a wet country, as water shortages will arise right after 25 years as a result of climate change and rising population in England.

According to Sir James Bevan, the country is currently facing the' jaws of death.' The word is used in an emergency where the increased demand for water in the community exceeds the amount of water in the system. Donald also said in his speech that, unless the water boards cut water supply for people by a third, the UK will not have enough water for the population.

He won't have more than 90-100 liters of water after 25 years due to water scarcity. The United Kingdom frequently loses oxygen due to flooding. Water that 20 million people could use is estimated to be wasted by tube leakage every day. Eleven nations in the UK are expected to run out of water within 25 years. Individuals such as James Bevan are actively advising people for this alarming situation to use water efficiently.

UK Water Statistics & Facts #infographic

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