10-marketing-predictions-for-the-next-decade #infographic

10-marketing-predictions-for-the-next-decade #infographic

Every time New Year starts, patterns and developments change. Things are evolving faster than ever in today's marketplace.10 marketing experts have expressed their opinion about the future.
The demand creation manager, Taplytics Ms. Jessie Berry, expected marketers will combine privacy protection with personalisation. She also estimated that over 90 percent of customers are more likely to shop with brands that deliver tailored deals and recommendations. To order to gain a better brand experience, 90 per cent of consumers will also share their behavioral data.

CEO, In-group marketing Michael Brenner expected empathy would be a key to the differentiator in marketing. One of his saying is that there are a large number of outlets providing information and customer service, but customers are impatient for more human experience. He projected that 3 out of 4 customers are more loyal to companies that give them the opportunity to communicate with human beings, and 37 per cent of buyers doubt the company's own credibility if the ability for social interaction has not been granted.
Global marketing director, Adobe's cloud experience Gurdeep Dhillon claims marketers should say hello to empathy and goodbye to automated campaigns.

He predicted that understanding is the ability to put yourself in somebody's shoes and so in the next five years you will be the number 1 driver of growth.
 Marketing expert Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley thinks the industry should slow down to make further impact. She estimated that most would use content marketing to reach the top of the funnel goals.
Adobe (Marketo) Niranjan Kumbi, Sr Director, Product Management, believes AI can make marketing smarter and better for consumers. He projected the cost of running AI would become cheaper over the next five years, and knowledge would become an essential component of business process.

Unapologetic marketing truth-teller Katie Martell believes that poorly executed marketing based on values will fuel distrust among consumers. She predicted that insincere marketing campaigns based on values do nothing for the movements that they are pandering to while adding unnecessary risk to the company.
 Adobe's global head of digital commercial mJaqi Saleem, the president of professional digital services, thinks brand awareness will make a comeback. She predicted that many have preferred to invest in easily measured events, a wider brand strategy helps to drive long-term growth for the company.

Sr. Digital Marketing Director, Grant Thorton Australia Ben Scott, claims marketing automation can change the customer service experience. He predicted that MA could help customers with resources that, when combined with CRM, can be tailored to their interests; it allows companies to understand what customers care about and synchronize marketing and sales.rketing, Paulo Cesar Freitas Martins believes successful marketers will harness AI, video and digital ABM. He predicted that if it has adopted artificial intelligence, video, and digital ABM campaigns, marketers would be able to drive unprecedented growth.

Brian Solis, who is the digital analyst, is the last marketing expert, he feels AI should feel practically human when it comes to power marketing. He predicted that marketing will evolve from delivering personalization to setting the stage for humanisation as we move further into the future.
It can therefore be concluded that marketing is an ever-changing operation, and will be further modernized in the years to come.

10-marketing-predictions-for-the-next-decade #infographic

infographic by: www.marketo.com

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