50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make #infographic

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make #infographic

For humans, bird song may sound like whimsical fun, but for birds, it is a complex system with vital functions. The primary purpose of bird vocalization is to attract mates-experiments indicate that a bird's song's consistency, variety, and strength may be a good indicator of physical fitness. The bird song's second primary purpose is defense of territory.

Species of territorial birds such as ravens, blue jays, European robins and swifts use bird songs to negotiate territorial borders. Researchers believe that since the quality of the song can indicate the strength and health of a bird, individual birds may perceive how powerful their rivals are, and thus avoid futile battles.

Birds also communicate, sometimes even across species, through song. Mobbing calls, for example, are used to recruit individual birds in the area to rally together and drive an owl or other predators out.

This infographic examines the sounds of 50 birds, offering a peek into the harmonic diversity of bird song. Make sure to check out AAAStateofPlay.com for interactive version to play around!

50 Bird Species and the Sounds They Make #infographic

infographic by: www.aaastateofplay.com

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