Making an Impact #Infographic

Making an Impact #Infographic

It's difficult to prove marketing is a source of sales. It's where multi-touch attribution comes in, and multi-touch attribution offers the knowledge that we need to quantify what really counts so we can show the marketing effect on the bottom line of our companies.

Marketing also tests the sales team's measurements which are not a tool. It also tracks behavior of consumers, such as visits, taps, openings and conversations. Focusing on marketing performance rather than company results will not gain a seat at the revenue table. If marketing teams are not successful as they could be in calculating marketing sales results, the company perceives them as cost centers rather than a revenue center.

The reason is given through the figures that 53.1 percent of marketing teams say they are seen as cost centers rather than revenue centers. 44 per cent of advertisers are unsure about the marketing ROI. Only 15% of marketers say they are effective in measuring marketing performance; only 50% of marketers say their goals have aligned with broader business goals.

Sophisticated marketing attribution is to manage marketing budgets resulting in increased business performance and coordination of teams. The statistics indicate that 212% of marketing organizations that invest on sales are 212% or more likely to grow YOY revenue faster than 20%. 159 per cent of marketing companies viewed as hubs of income are more likely to comply with revenues. 334% of marketing companies are more likely to use sophisticated attribution based on their 334% sales. 59% of marketing companies with a complex reference are 59% more likely to have a reputation as a center of sales rather than a center of costs.

The benefits of multi-touch attribution are that it provides information to advertisers and grants different weights of sales credit to a range of marketing activities. If a company does any ads aimed at people who are already in the funnel of sales, then they should start using a full route model.  Multi-touch will attribute revenue most accurately across all marketing channels to give credit where its due.

Making an Impact #Infographic

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