americans-prefer-online-streaming-to-cable-network #infographic

americans-prefer-online-streaming-to-cable-network #infographic

According to a Fixed survey, most U.S.-based adults find streaming online more appealing than conventional–cable network. 82% of users believe in the survey that video streaming networks like Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo are better options for entertainment and quality videos.

More than 65 per cent of TV cable subscribers, on the other hand, also said online video streaming platforms provide more entertainment.

Ironically, Emmys have released the same decision recently, where shows from premium services such as HBO, Netflix, and Amazon won most of the awards. In reality, the Emmys earned about 137 nominations from HBO and 118 from Netflix while 58 and 43 submissions were received from NBC and CBS respectively.

Once asked if this is just a passing phenomenon, industry experts suggest the interest in premium service is unlikely to be dying off soon. This is mostly because, according to their requests, they pay a good amount of money for this service and provide material.

americans-prefer-online-streaming-to-cable-network #infographic

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