are-americans-as-financially-strong-as-portrayed #infographic

are-americans-as-financially-strong-as-portrayed #infographic

The U.S. economy may seem stronger than ever, but surprisingly –nearly 70% of Americans claim to have savings of less than $1,000. GOBankingRates recently conducted its annual savings survey of approximately 846 respondents, 45 percent of whom acknowledged zero savings in 2019.

The findings also surprised the National Credit Counselling Foundation spokesman: Bruce McClary. He said in his talks with Yahoo Finance that, despite the growing economy, it's hard to believe that Americans can't even get $1,000.

Despite the ongoing impeachment, however, President Donald Trump praises the country's strong economy and says the American people are more interested in the economy than they are in the acquisition.

Indeed, the recent USA Today Poll also has President Trump leading all contenders in the Democratic Party. He also took on his account on Twitter and tweeted about the victory he won–even with the impeachment going on.

Let's look at the financial status of Americans in this infographic.

are-americans-as-financially-strong-as-portrayed #infographic

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