Australia's Deadliest Bushfires Yet #Infographic

 Australia's Deadliest Bushfires Yet #Infographic

The world is literally burning up in some places, as they say. The last few years have seen a global increase in wild fires around the world. Just last year, the devastating wildfire in California destroyed more than 2 million acres of land, and made headlines worldwide. And who could forget the Amazon rainforest fire which once again burned up more than 2 million acres of forest land.

Unfortunately, this is not the worst piece of news. Australia's current bushfires, a yearly occurrence every summer in the region, caught the world's attention for all the wrong reasons. Approximately 12 million acres of land have been incinerated in the current fires, and more than half a bill is estimated

Recently, there have also been fires in Siberia which have been much larger than the size of the Amazon fires, but the areas have not been populous, resulting in fewer casualties than the others. While the other fires were either completely put out or taken under control, the areas of Australia are far from closing. The region is in the middle of its fire season, and as the New York Times reported, the fires began in the middle of a heatwave that recorded its hottest and at the same time the driest recorded spring.

The continuing heat and dry weather may not soon cool off. Last week, the fires gained worldwide attention when images of red skies and smoke-filled cities across Australia began circulating the internet.

The state of New South Wales was the most impacted, and smoke and flames had consumed all the major cities. The majority of the destruction is in New South Wales.

Bushfires are not a new phenomenon for Australia but scientists predict that the fires will become even more dangerous in the coming years due to recent climate change.

 Australia's Deadliest Bushfires Yet #Infographic

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