Battery: The Dilemma of Every Smartphone Owner #Infographic

Battery: The Dilemma of Every Smartphone Owner #Infographic

Ask any smartphone owner and they will agree that one of the most hassling tasks is to manage their phone's' fast-draining' battery. This is because today's phones are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. However they are still working on an old-fashion module when it comes to their power source. And of course, the time spent using the various installed apps on the phones often squeezes the battery out–faster than expected.

Nevertheless, on their newest models, the smartphone makers are aware of the problem situation and try to remedy it by using larger batteries. The use of power banks and charging stations has also become increasingly popular, enabling users to resolve the issue

Device comparison website Phone Arena recently conducted a consumer survey in this regard, where they found that the Asus ROG II had 6,000-milliampere hours of the highest battery up-date. This does not, however, lead to a longer battery life, which for the Asus phone is about 14 hours. Other variables such as resolution and panel size play a pivotal role in maintaining the battery life, according to Phone Arena.

Recently, Apple's iPhone 11 has made it to the list by coming with a battery that has been tested to last about 13 hours and 30 minutes. Apple's latest product range comes with a 3,110 mAh battery.

Phone Arena used a custom Web script in their check to assess the phone with the best battery life, close to our real-life use. With a battery that lives for more than 20 hours, Motorola Moto G7 Power rated in first place. The second and third places were held by Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and LGX Energy, with a battery life of 17.5 and 15 hours.

Do you have issues with your smartphone's battery life too? It's maybe time for a change. Check the statistics below and make a decision on purchase accordingly.

Battery: The Dilemma of Every Smartphone Owner #Infographic

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