battle-of-pine-and-plastic-christmas-tree-preference-by-the-us-families #infographic

battle-of-pine-and-plastic-christmas-tree-preference-by-the-us-families #infographic

Shopping is synonymous with the time before Christmas–and not just for presents. Most American families go on a tree shopping trip in early and mid-December to find the perfect tree for their Christmas gifts. It is lugged home once the tree is located and adorned to its finest glory.

But did you know that many families are also beginning to experiment with plastic trees gradually? Fake Christmas trees offer comfort–and after Christmas is over for reuse the next year one can easily pack up the tree.

Tree price is another factor considered by many shoppers. According to America's National Christmas Tree Association, a real tree's price rose to $78 in 2017, while artificial trees can be conveniently bought for around $105.

Replica sales of Christmas trees are also gradually increasing and reached over 23 million in 2018. Thirty-two million live trees were sold in America during the same year–the highest total since 2013.

Amid sales, however, farmers continue to plant fewer trees during the recession and thus may be restricted in this year's supply of real trees.

So does this mean that more U.S. families are going to opt for Christmas 2019 plastic trees or adopt the standard pine protocol?

battle-of-pine-and-plastic-christmas-tree-preference-by-the-us-families #infographic

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