Child Marriage in Africa #Infographic

 Child Marriage in Africa #Infographic

Child marriage is a global issue which affects more than 15 million girls and boys every year. While it affects countries all over the globe, the continent most affected is Africa. That is partly due to the country's high poverty rate and low educational rates.
A lot of research has been done around the world into the causes and consequences of child marriage. Awareness is being provided to countries in Africa and other third world countries and various NGOs and social work organizations, especially where there is no minimum legal age for marriage.

As the infographic states, the continent of Africa is home to 18 of the top 20 countries with cases of child marriages. Many of these countries have no minimum legal marriage age, under any circumstances.
Child marriage influences not only the children involved but also their families and even their country's economic condition.
Girls married before age 18 are far more likely to experience violence, mental, physical or sexual. This not only hinders their own growth but also results in the growth of any children in their marriages.

One of the biggest perpetrators of child marriage is patriarchal customs and laws that especially regard marriage and the lives of young women as something to be traded off. As parents, community leaders, and onlookers, the duty to avoid these barbaric rituals lies on all of our shoulders.

 Child Marriage in Africa #Infographic

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