China Marks a Milestone by Commissioning Its Second Aircraft Carrier #infographic

china-marks-a-milestone-by-commissioning-its-second-aircraft-carrier #infographic

China announced its first domestic aircraft carrier on Tuesday, and commissioned it to the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Named the' Shandong'-after Liaoning, the 55,000 ton is China's second aircraft carrier. The former vessel was originally built during the 1980s in the U.S.S.R. before being reconditioned in Dalian and commissioned as a training ship into the Plan in 2012.

Curiously, only a handful of countries boast navies operating two or more aircraft carriers. That covers the US, the United Kingdom and Italy. Shandong' commissioning is a landmark for China, which has already started working on its third carrier in shipyards close to Shanghai.

But in the case of aircraft carriers, the U.S. Navy in its activities surpasses all other countries with 11 warships. Yes, the US's newest vessel Navy is a top-class USS Gerald R. Ford commissioned in July 2017 to deploy their selection. The U.S. airlines are also worthy of note for their nuclear power and advanced technology use.

The U.S. Navy also boasts eight Wasp-class and an amphibious assault ship of one class in America. They do plan to add another similar vessel by summer 2020. Reports suggest that the new addition will be close to the ability of France's Charles de Gaulle to fly a considerable number of fast jets.

china-marks-a-milestone-by-commissioning-its-second-aircraft-carrier #infographic

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