designing-your-home-office-for-productivity #infographic

designing-your-home-office-for-productivity #infographic

Since communications now more advanced than ever, the number of people working outside of an office (40 percent increase over the past 5 years) is growing significantly. Technologies like Skype and Slack allow workers to connect instantly from virtually any location in the world and, in an environment where flexible work arrangements are increasingly valued, more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home.

Having a home office provides many advantages, including the avoidance of a time-consuming and potentially blood-boiling commute. Nonetheless, if you are going to work from home, you need to be self-disciplined in order to be as efficient and cooperative as if you were with management watching at the workplace.

If you work from home, it's not just the innate character traits that will also decide your productivity level. Your home setup will go a long way to ease or impede the quality and quantity of your production.

designing-your-home-office-for-productivity #infographic

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