do-women-make-better-leaders-than-men #infographic

do-women-make-better-leaders-than-men #infographic

Recently, former US President Barack Obama made a statement that there is no doubt that women are better than men. Speaking at a conference on December 15 in Singapore, he said women might not be perfect, but they're better than us–men. He also claimed that in a span of two years, if women were to govern every nation on earth, we would see significant improvements across the globe in almost every aspect.

His statement began the age-old debate again, as predicted: are women really better leaders than men? YouGov conducted a new study to get the arguments rolling, where nearly 25 percent of women said that a female leader is better than her male counterpart, while 60 percent of men said that they both made great leaders in equal measure.

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do-women-make-better-leaders-than-men #infographic

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