donald-trump-favorite-amongst-millionaires #infographic

donald-trump-favorite-amongst-millionaires #infographic

Donald Trump remains one of the five favored contenders for the US elections in 2020, according to CNBC'sMillionaire Survey. In May and December of this year, the survey was conducted consecutively and included 700 U.S. individuals with assets of over $1 million.

These millionaires have been asked about the topics and issues that will hold them most in the coming year. 32 per cent of the elite said voting President Trump out of the office was vital during the May survey. Surprisingly, in the second survey, the figure dropped to 29 per cent.

CNBC has also found millionaires considering the economy, tax expenditure and immigration reform as a trend issue in 2020. With roughly 1 percent of the survey participants, gun policy and combating terrorism were also popular. Interestingly, the famed MeToo movement-initiated against sexual harassment and sexual abuse did not make the list of millionaires.

donald-trump-favorite-amongst-millionaires #infographic

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