Experts see everyday habits that make you look older #Article

Experts see everyday habits that make you look older #Article

According to science beauty sleep is a real thing. Physicist-scientists at University Hospitals Case Medical Center put together 60 women between the ages of 30 and 49; half of the volunteers fell into the category of "poor quality sleep." The ladies who snagged less sleep showed increased signs of skin aging, including fine lines, irregular pigmentation, skin slackening, and elasticity declining. "Our study is the first to show conclusively that insufficient sleep is correlated with reduced skin health and increased skin ageing.

Researchers analyzed the lifestyle behaviors of more than 230,000 participants in Australia's largest ongoing healthy ageing study. They concluded that sleeping too much (more than nine hours per night), sitting too much (more than seven hours per day) and not working out enough (less than 150 minutes per week) can quadruple the risk of someone dying prematurely. "Our study shows we really should take these behaviors together as seriously as we do other risk factors like drinking levels and unhealthy eating patterns," said lead author Dr. Melody Ding, senior research fellow at the University of Sydney's School of Public Health.

One study found your life expectancy drops by 22 minutes for every hour you spend watching TV. Experts recommend that you get up every half hour to walk, whether you're in the couch or sitting at your desk.When you work and find it hard to get up all the time, we recommend that you do these exercises right in the workplace.

Several studies have shown that chronic stress causes serious cell damage which can accelerate the aging process. Do not get bogged down, forget the saying' leave what you can do today for tomorrow' and try to get everything done on time. We recommend certain activities that can help to reduce stress.

On a similar note, wearing unadjustable clothes has just as much an impact as wearing the wrong size bra. One professional image expert, Janice Hurley, says clothing fit is more important than style or trends. Christie Maruka, a talented fashion designer with over 30 years of experience, agrees and says tailor-made clothes look fantastic regardless of your age. "I've[ clients] try everything before me, and to their shock they cover their bodies up with big, baggy models that don't flatter them and add years to their actual age," says Maruka.

Holding onto old trends (or jumping on each new one) might be a date for your look. On the one hand, it shows you haven't upgraded your look by holding on to old traditions and repeating exact outfits from years past. But the best solution isn't to overcompensate with every new trend in shoes, bags or clothing. Before buying a new piece for your wardrobe, Phillips suggests you ask yourself two questions: Does that item make me happy and how many times a week will I wear it?

Black is a staple color that goes-with-anything. But that doesn't mean you should wear it with anything at all. Indeed, sporting shinier, less-dull colors might make you look younger.

"The more casual your shoes, the older you look, no matter what else you wear," says Brittany Allen, a freelance fashion and accessories designer based in Austin who has worked with Betsey Johnson and whose designs have appeared on Project Runway. Pointed flats or a pump are simple replacements for updating your look.

Catherine Bachelier Smith, an expert in wardrobes and lifestyles and founder of CBS Lifestylist, says if you want to look younger, avoid these pants. "Yoga clothes have become ridiculously comfortable so elastic waistbands are not needed," says Smith. Instead try wearing yoga pants and other comfortable and stylish "athleisure" wear. Smith recommends pairing these clothes with something tailor-made for dressy occasions, or something fun for casual events like a statement t-shirt.

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