Here are the most popular Netflix shows of 2019 #Article

Here are the most popular Netflix shows of 2019 #Article

Netflix recently released its list of 2019's most popular titles and the top-of - the-list original TV shows and movies.

The "Murder Mystery" of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston holds the top spot on the second, with "Strangers Things." Though "The Witcher," the latest hot game, stands sixth.

In the next two years, Netflix will lose its rivals watched shows such as "The Office" and "Friends," while Disney will also drop its content as it is about to launch its own Disney+ streaming platform, which the mass media corporation has earned over 10 million sign-ups on the first day of its launch. This could drive Netflix to spend more in its original content to keep a grip on its subscribers.

Even with new competitors, Netflix is optimistic its original releases will remain on top.

The ranking is based on the total number of subscribers who viewed at least two minutes of a TV show or movie on the site in 2019 during their first 28 days. A Netflix spokeswoman said the two-minute metric was used to calculate success because making judgments based on a program's completion might be unfair to longer TV series or movies.

Netflix has only revealed some viewing information over the last few years, giving small peeks in how its internal system works. Such announcements, often provided via social media, and sometimes in quarterly earnings reports from the firm, have caused some criticism. In one thing, to monitor its viewership, Netflix does not hire an outside entity. For another, in what seems like a void, the numbers are often given, without the context required to determine whether the programs of the streaming service are effective.

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