How to Become a Data Scientist #infographic

How to Become a Data Scientist #infographic

Data science and machine learning-related jobs are five out of the top 15 rising positions in America today, according to LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue. LinkedIn's top emerging staff include machine learning developers, data scientists, and big data engineers. Profiles for those job categories increased by 9.8X compared to only five years ago.

Many successful candidates are likely to come from a computer science or STEM program — science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, but not all of those programs that come from them. Liberal arts majors definitely have a place in data science, as this work is really an art and science mix.

At Cartesian Data Sciences, we've 200 data scientists doing projects in 16 countries around the world. It's very interesting and rewarding work, with lots of potential. Our managing director, Sandeep Mittal, says he has had excellent results in, for example, hiring talented people with engineering backgrounds even without profound programming skills, and then training them on the data science side.

How to Become a Data Scientist #infographic

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