How to make profect snanck bento boxes #article

How to make profect snanck bento boxes #article

These days, bento boxes are hot in school but not every parent has the time to make a perfect Pinterest bento box. Here are a few tricks and simple recipes for making your bento box cute, without taking too much time out of your day. The meals are the ones your kids are going to actually eat, while still being a bit healthy. We've also included a few shortcuts to help make prep going even faster on Sunday night.

The original boxed lunch, bento, has grown from the lunch of peasant farmers to the rations of troops, to the luxurious picnic fare.

Today, these boxes are more common than ever, packed with compartments of enticing fruit, vegetables, eggs, sandwiches, salads. Moms love it. Children love it. Who wouldn't love them?

Cuteness is the game name when rice, vegetables, and eggs are decorated or shaped into characters of animals, flowers, or cartoons. On one of these cute feasts, lift the lid and it just says Happiness.

For real, it can be time consuming to make bento boxes if you're new to it. But you'll soon be stamping out bunnies, hearts, and some kitty with the help of tools like tweezers and cookie cutters, and accessories like decorative toothpicks. (Hello!)

And here's a secret, the 22 bento lunches below are full of easy ideas. If you're thinking about it, it's really the simple matter of filling a few compartments with colorful, tasty, and healthy nibble-on things.

Mini pizza Margherita's are made into sweet kitty ears, cut from a mozzarella slice. Bologna is the pink bow. You could also use black olives instead of nori for the eyes and whiskers.

Your best friend, cookie cutters! If you want to eat vegetables for your baby, interesting ways can go a long way to help. Take a few different veggies (cucumbers, carrots, cooked beets, etc.) on Sunday night and cut them into stars / diamonds / heart and you've got a week worth of cute vegetables your kid could eat for once. If you feel extra creative you can even use sliced cheese and a cookie cutter to create a badge with their initials.

Colorful silicone baking cups are extremely useful when filling your bento box. In a few extra sweets, they help you pinch, and they keep it looking tidy, clean, and colourful. They are reusable and washable, because they're silicone. Try individual fruit or applesauce cups, like Mott's Unsweetened Mixed Berry, or Mango Peach Applesauce, for a super-quick and nutritious hand.

The bento box is an ideal combination of functional and stylish, making it both the perfect lunch companion for kindergarteners and warriors at work.

It has long been a staple of Japanese culture, elevated from humble beginnings into an art form in the 17th century, with meals carefully prepared served in ornate lacquered-wood boxes during tea parties and at the theatre. Jump to the twenty-first century, when the bento box became popular in the west. Segmented snack boxes are now being sold at Starbucks and convenience stores, and snazzy bento boxes line up houseware shop shelves.

How to make profect snanck bento boxes #article

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