How to Pickle Anything Like a Pro #infographic

 How to Pickle Anything Like a Pro #infographic

Did you and Peter Piper pick a peck of peppers this summer? In addition to preserving your abundance, pickling your summer harvest will give you a completely new and delicious flavor–not to mention all the health benefits that are included.

Beading vegetables is a relatively easy job but you can use a few tips and tricks to keep pickling effective. For example, it is very important that you follow the recipe with precision. If you change the amounts, you risk spreading spoilage-causing bacteria. Cleaning in warm, soapy water of all the cooking utensils and jars is also important.

There are also foods that are better suited to beefing than others. If you don't have access to fresh vegetables in the greenhouse, make sure you pick certain items that seem to be blemish-free and crisp. Keep in mind that if you want to pickle the cucumbers there are different varieties. Pass on salad cucumbers or waxed ones and look for beatable cucumbers.

 How to Pickle Anything Like a Pro #infographic

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