Consequences of Ignoring Your Social Media as a Brand or a Business #Article

Consequences of Ignoring Your Social Media as a Brand or a Business #Article

One of the fastest ways to kill any trust or positive attitude on the web is not to respond to your customers ' social media comments or private messages. If you're not sure someone interacted with your content, sent a message, or commented with legitimate criteria, the worst-case scenario is choosing to ignore it. People on the web may be chaotic, but that doesn't mean you should completely ignore them, how are you going to improve without identifying the issues? Ignoring the feedback, you present yourself as a fake person, company or brand. You're just another profile for them which can post content without a real person.

If we're going to make an example, it's just like you're keeping someone's door open and they're just wandering around without responding. They don't even know you and we've all witnessed that, just carry on. If we customers feel like they're seen as annoying despite being honest, this will make them angry; people are reacting poorly to being ignored.

Remember that social media should be' social,' you won't make many customers if you think of it as a one-way message board that you can never answer, comment, or interact with others. You're certainly not going to keep your current customers and they're going to look for others when people feel overlooked.

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