Instagram Introduces New Boomerang Modes to App #Article

Instagram Introduces New Boomerang Modes to App #Article

For all those who love the Boomerang camera from Instagram, there are some good news here. Instagram recently added a bunch of new options to its Boomerang feature which include SloMo,' Echo' and' Duo.' The new add-ons can spice up your regular Instagram stories to make them look more appealing.

Instagram has also added an option to' trim and tweak' Boomerang loops so you can change the length of your clips as you like.

Jane Manchun Wong, who is a reverse engineering expert at Instagram, found the modes and trimming method tested back in August. She suggested six different options for Boomerang which users could choose. Among these were Classic, Hold, Dynamic, Slowmo, Duo and Duo Again.
Only three of these were published, but we can expect others to do it later.

A large number of Instagram users love Boomerang, and as many people are still struggling to create enticing video content for posts, these new features are an easy choice to ignite their visuals and make stories more convincing.

The latest version of Instagram gives you access to the new Boomerang modes.

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