millennials-favor-their-pets-well-being-more-than-theirs #infographic

millennials-favor-their-pets-well-being-more-than-theirs #infographic

Many pet owners believe that their pets are an integral part of their daily lives and they spend a good portion of their day caring for their' companions.' Interestingly, millennials take the relationship with their pets to a different level and say they are more worried about the health of their pets–rather than their own.

In fact, HealthPocket recently conducted a survey, where 62 percent of millennials said their pets were looking for medical attention rather than themselves.

In addition, millennials are the generation which has completely embraced the' pet life.' Interestingly, there are many who claim that their pets filled the void of marriage and babies. Business Insider also reports that many of us need comfort and reassurance in this stressful world-which we ultimately get from our pets.

millennials-favor-their-pets-well-being-more-than-theirs #infographic

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