Mobile App Trends To Watch Out For in 2020 #infographic

Mobile App Trends To Watch Out For in 2020 #infographic

In an age when the world is heading towards digitalisation and becoming an integral part of the digital economy, mobile apps are gaining immense popularity in all spheres of life. Many tech firms have seen a massive investment in the mobile device development industry in the last few years. Small businesses also slowly understand the importance of mobile apps in business processes and integrate them.

Mobile apps help businesses create awareness of the brand, deliver custom content, increase customer engagement, reduce costs and increase sales. The success of mobile apps can be demonstrated by the fact that the App Store has 1.96 million applications and the Google Play has 2.46 million apps (as of the second quarter of 2019).

The introduction of advanced technologies–the Internet of Things, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality, etc. –has greatly impacted the development of mobile apps. These developments will continue to take the mobile app's development by storm by 2020.

Mobile App Trends To Watch Out For in 2020 #infographic

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